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Good life: Ródos is a beautiful city that blends the facilities of a capital with the sites of a top touristic destination. Even if you moor your yacht for a month, its still not enough to taste everything the city and the island have to offer. The best way is to start walking without a plan or a destination and see where the road takes you. However, if you want to start from somewhere, it is worth visiting the archaeological museum (22413 65256), the palace of the Knights (22413 65270), the aquarium (22410 27208), ancient Kámeiros (22410 40037), the citadel of Ialysós (22410 92202), Líndos (22440 31258), the bee museum (22410 48200) and Petaloúdes (22410 82822). Also, don’t miss the water slide park!!

Shelter: All round but the swell caused by the very strong sirocco (winter - spring) demands continual vigilance on board. (It appears that the direction of the new mole in Limáni Akantiás – approximately NW – accelerates and directs the wave from the sirocco.) You also should be wary of the strong E winds and the rebound of sea they create. Nevertheless boats do winter here.

Mooring: Good holding.

Port facilities:Mandráki is a yachts marina. Marine equipment shops on the road around the harbours (22410 31215, 30566) and opposite the unfinished Rhodes marina (22410 21006, 6944 429868). Fuelling coral marine (22410 21529). There is a boatyard. By walking on the coastal road around the harbours, you will find ATMs, pharmacies etc.


(The depths of the port and more items listed in the printed version of the Navigator)

The above map is not for marine use. They have removed all information relating to such sea depths, contour, cables, etc.»

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