About us

OOur company, or better yet the familly boat of Portbook, set sails in 2014, guided by the desire of a group of young people - steered by the compass of their maritime and professional experience – to promote two of the most valuable assets of Greece!

That is, its blue sea and orange sunset. After all, these colors have inspired the logo of Portbook’s sailing vessel, onboard which we are exploring the blue waters and dream through the orange rays of the sunset.

But is this aspiration suitable for a business model?

It is much more than a simple business goal. It is our inspiration and passion!

So, till today the Portbook-boat, has reached the following aimed «ports» :

  • To provide reliable information about thousands of marine related professionals and services, while at the same time, to offer detailed info about all ports/ coves and nautical points of interest in Greece.
  • To assist all sea enthusiasts in Greece with the Sea Spot app available for Android and iOS which provides all the info available in portbook.gr, filtered geographically near the user location or, all around greece. at the same time sea spot app provides instant communication and safety features to the users, by allowing them to alert their preferred contacts in case of distress at sea, with a couple of clicks.
  • To enhance the efficiency of every marina or shipyard with the Port & Dry dock admin system , a sophisticated, efficient tool for organizing internally all functions of a marine facility.
  • To innovate and promote the bookings and the sales of a marina or shipyard through the Port Booking platform , which is the complement of Port Admin and the absolute web tool for advertising and berth booking of a marina or shipyard facility.

This trip with Portbook, is dedicated to all those who love ... the unique blue color of the Greek seas and the bright orange sunset.

We expect you to come aboard with us!

  • The crew of Portbook

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