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Portbook has become 5 years old

Portbook has become 5 years old

Each and every one of us , as Portbook team , our company and all of you , more than 5.000 Nautical Professionals , Providers and Experts , have created and supported a portal , a way to communicate with people that work with love and dedication to Greek Ports and our beautiful Greek Seas!

Portbook , as a pioneer , remains unique for the last 5 years and sails with you , providing services and Nautical information and we Thank you all, deeply, for that !

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A.    During these last 5 years  of exploring and sailing through Greek seas , Portbook has accomplished :

·        To display proudly, more than 5.000, Nautical Tourism Professionals on our portal, on social media, sea activities and exhibitions we participate.


·        By providing information, from the most intelligent cartographer and sea lover, Pano Ilia. We give nautical Information and substructure data, for many ports, in our country.



·        With the valuable cooperation of CRONOSYAGHTING and our dear associate Mrs. Katerina Papageorgopoulou, we provide a unique agent map, on every Greek Port and Island. These Port Agents have excellent knowledge of our Nautical Tourism and can help any sea traveler and Portbook reader  in  need, by giving out for free, useful information .

·        With the priceless help and important advice of the Diving Centers, all around our country , we created and constantly renewing , for the first time on internet, a map, including all the Diving Points of interest, in Greece  


·        Our expert team on computers, besides working constantly on, have created during these years, two innovatory Reservation Systems, for internal and external boat reservation. We proudly present, Port Admin for internal reservation and PortAdmin&Booking for external use, online!


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·        Our goal and great surprise, is meant to be announced in 2019 and will contain a big “family” of applications, for safety and fun for every sea traveler, for the first time.

Portbook grows stronger be keeping everyone on board !

Send us your business information and you will be registered for FREE

You can even send us any data, about the port or the island you live at and we will include it for free on our site, strengthening the home and foreign tourism of our country!

We keep going on the discovery of our potentials, people and destination of Greece’s Nautical Tourism, along with you! 



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