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Coast of Attica - Salamina, Mikrolimano Marina (See all the comments)

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In front of Pasalimani, the pedestrian Angelou Metaxa, stands the Belle Amie, a neoclassical 19th century flooding Piraeus with a vintage perfume 125 years history. This emblematic building architects and interior designers of Nicholas Gylos team created a new inner world, an aesthetic universe that travels to the good life of the 20th century through creative trends, concept furnitures and design objects of desire. Since the interwar period until the '60s the past is here at its best. Imposing retro furniture, vintage tapestries and art objects restored, revived memories of a beautiful life. In the kitchen, the Greek tradition transforms into Greek food comfort with the twist to bring intact signed by Christos Tziera chef. The dishes that we loved from morning to night non stop. When night falls and sconces illuminate behind the vintage bars appear Dora and Aristotle to prepare the most exciting cocktails in the city. Their company as resident and guest djs of Belle Amie ensure that flows abundant music composing the soundtrack of every night.