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Weather. The worst winds in the area blow along the axis of the strait of Mytilíni - Turkey. Regarding the N and mistral winds the locals say “the winds die down as the sunsets”.

Summer: N + NE (meltemi). The locals say ”The meltemi blows as long as its getting dark. It will die down around 2 or 3 o’clock in the early morning hours and will start again with sunrise”.

Autumn: Various mild winds.

Winter: Strong N + S

Spring: Various winds with frequent sirocco (SE).

Shelter: All round in the internal harbour, particularly on the western and southern quays, as the southerlies (SE, S, SW) affect both the eastern and northern quays, rendering it problematic to almost impossible for boats to stay on them. In the marina the protection is against all winds.

Mooring: Good holding. Ask the Harbour Office for a berth. Go bows / stern to or alongside. The ships should take great care when maneuvering to moor on the E quay of the inner harbour, close to the Fl G light, when strong NE or E winds blow. It is suggested in general to steer towards the quay, with almost no angle and rapid movements, in order to avoid it sliding towards the Commercial Harbour.

Good life: Mytilíni is a beautiful town, very alive and with plenty of history. The architecture of its houses is unique - take a walk around, it’s a good opportunity to stretch your legs from the small spaces of a yacht. In town, there are things for every kind of likes. Also, in the NW corner of the harbour there are rentacar shops, to go on excursions around the island, which is rather large in comparison with the rest of the Aegean. Food is generally quite good in Mytilíni, if you avoid the relatively few touristic places, and there are plenty of local products.