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Kastos is an oblong island full of olive trees. Live and breathe away from the tourist stream and therefore the reasons are many. The few inhabitants of occupied with fishing and agriculture. Summers daily visit the island hundreds of tourists and enjoy the warm hospitality.
On the eastern side of the island you will find many small beaches such Ambelakia the Seaweed, the lake, the tirade, Kamini, etc.


The village is built amphitheatrically around the port. From the sights of the island stands the parish church of St. John the Baptist and the windmills. One of them, located on the hill right by the entrance of the port, is maintained with all the mechanism. It operated until 1949 and is the best preserved mill in the Ionian Sea, thanks to the care and the care of the local authority, who completed and landscaping.


On a daily basis, with small speedboats but mainly sailing boats, pass by on Kasto 600 tourists. Therefore, in taverns, often seen crowded. This picture - the boat - in the port of caste is unique. Breakfast, finds dozens of sailboats moored in Doko and competent. As the 10 two - three of them may have left. Soon, however, begins to fill again. This becomes all summer, every day. Note that the small Dokos - tie just two boats - located right at the entrance of the port, does not communicate with the village. If you choose to moor there, you will be cut off.

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