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Transportation /Rent Vehicles

Naxos knows how to treat its guests. Arriving by ship, you’re greeted by the ancient Portara (the one that looks like that National Geographic logo), after which there’s a litany of beaches to worship the sun on. From organised Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios, to the smaller gems of Aliko and Panormos, spending a day by sea comes so easily here. After all, Naxians are as laid back as the iconic Kouroi – the colossal, half-finished statues of men that have been resting on their backs in the same spot on the island for centuries.

You’ll be welcome with open arms and a full plate – the island’s cheeses (graviera, arseniko, myzithra and xynotiri) and potatoes (thanks to the potassium-rich soil) are famed around Greece. And the honey… well, if you take some home you’ll also be packing the thyme, heather, sage, oregano and spring flowers on which the bees feed.

And nor should your visit be limited to high summer. The picturesque Tragaia valley, with its dozen delightful villages and more than 30 Byzantine churches, and easy airport access, give you plenty of island break options.

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