kerveli Cove (37°44'02.4"N 27°02'11.2"E)(WGS-84)

Informations :

Kerveli enjoys wonderful sunrises as it is situated at the easternmost end of Samos, said to be the first place the sun strikes in Greece each morning. The hills around the bay are covered from cypress trees, olive groves and beautiful gardens, all the way down to the clear turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.Quiet beach shallow waters suitable for families.Possibility of board and lodging.

Just off the coast of Kerveli there is a small uninhibited island called ‘Kasonisi’, easily reachable by boat or pedal-boat. There is also a path leading to the beach just opposite the island with a narrow strait of shallow turquoise waters making it easy to walk across. This remote sandy beach is an ideal location for a romantic and relaxing break.Protection from W winds.


Latitude: 37.733995 , Longitude: 27.036445 (EPSG:3857)