Lindos Cove (36°5'48.33"N 28°5'18.83.57"E)(WGS-84)

Information :

The Lindos Bay is divided into two smaller protected from South-Western-North winds.Good anchorage, and attention should be given to the 2.5 m depth in the North side.

The naturally portected location and the easy access to two bays highlighted Lindos as important commercial city.

In the wide area have revealed findings of Neolithic, Bronze Age and the Mycenaean age.

According to tradition founded by Danaos and participated in the Trojan War, under the command of the then Tlepolemos.

He was a member of Doric Exapoleos and the Acropolis had a famous temple of Athena Lindia, who took the final form around 300 BC.

Lindos on 700 BC was already an important trade center in the region and had naval power.

Accommodation, food and entertainment possibilities


Latitude: 36.096759 , Longitude: 28.088565 (EPSG:3857)