Nautical Information

Shelter from winds: Both summer and winter there is adequate protection in the port.

Garbage-SewageOil Disposal: There are baskets and bins for the garbage throughout the length of the port that are collected by refuse vehicles of Chios municipality.

Slides Characteristics: There is a slide for boats

Café – Taverns close by or at the inner part, of the port: Lithi is an attraction for many visitors and locals who can enjoy fresh fish and lobster, in the fish taverns by the sea.

Port Mgt Office / Clerking charge: Management Office is Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios.

Telephone: 2271022770 & 2271023237

Fax: 2271040344


The port of Agia Ermioni mostly used as a fishing shelter.


The Lithi (Lithirnena) is situated four Km north of Vessa at a distance of 23.5 Km from the town of Chios. There are three caves in the area, but not yet fully explored. It is worth visiting its sandy beach and enjoying the beautiful sea and the fresh fish. The sunset at Lithi is unforgettable.

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