Nautical Information

Supply of single-phase and three-phase electricity-220V.

Provision of drinking water. (The supply of drinking water and electricity in sailboats and other tourist and fishing vessels, the same or smaller boats are FREE. The cost covers shopkeepers and fishermen's settlement of Linaria.) It is obvious that a waste and unnecessary use of drinking water should be avoided.


Fuel assistance available.

Port weather forecast (

Available trolleys type supermarket for food transportation.

Available trolleys to transport the garbage bags in the central garbage bins.

Tanks for collecting waste oil / bilge water and other residues of petroleum / cooking oil.

Car Battery Recycling.

Stainless steel safety ladders.

Available of taking sewage vessels.

Collection of recyclables (packaging).

Complete equipment, with an approved emergency plan and voluntary group of 50 people to tackle marine pollution.

Fire main.

Steel cleats.

Parking for cars and moto.

Free parking for boats and trailers (courtyard Port Authority).

Port Station (tel-fax. (+30) 2222093475, email:

The marina has a staff to accommodate the binding and provide assistance to vessels from morning till night continually all the days of the week.

The consultation with the Coast Fund is to channel 9 VHF and telephone number of Reception Manager George Ladopoulos  (+30) 6949541210

There is a detailed price list

and all information for all benefits.

Skyros Port Fund (+30) 22220-93466 / (+30) 22220-96036 / (+30) 22220-93029 Fax

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