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Weather: Generally the winds that prevail in the area 80% of the time are from NW + N directions. Summer: Meltemi winds (WNW) from 10/7 - end of August. Behaviour: They start to blow around sunrise. They reach their greatest strength around 1400 and die down towards sunset, having first turned towards the W. When there area mnay clouds over Mount Kalí Límni (Lástos) in Kárpathos, then the meltemi will be strong. Winter: SW + N + NE. The “provétza” is a very strong wind (WSW), but of a short duration. Spring: N + S (short duration). There is a very strong E wind that blow on occasion during May. Approach: The island Kolofónas lies inside the red sector of the Fl W R light between 257° - 251°, whereas Nes Kasonísia and If. Kásos lie in the red sector between 083° - 175°. Shelter: All round in the Marina (the part of the harbour on the inside of the small pier). From E - NW winds in Limáni Fry. The meltemi (NW) affects the harbour and if it picks up it will test the limits of the crew and the yacht. The E wind blows infrequently and does not bring a wave, as Kárpathos obstructs it. From E - NW winds in Limáni Emporeió. The meltemi (WNW) sends a slight swell into the harbour but does not create any problems. Good life: Visit the cave “Ellinokámara”, which was a place of worship during antiquity. It is only 10mins to the SW of Frý on foot. There is also the cave “Selái”, 20mins SW of Frý, which has many impressive stactites. All the villages of the island are wonderful places to admire the churches and chapels the architecture of which softens the eye, contrasting against the wild rocky scenery.

Protection:All round in the Marina, the part of the port from the inside of the small pier,in the Harbour Fry from E - NW winds.The winds (NW) affects the port though strengthened will test the strength of the crew and vessel.The E winds blow a few times and only bring air as Karpathos prevent it.In the small harbor Emporio protection is from E - NW winds

Mooring: The bottom does not hold well in Limáni Fry. Contact the Harbour Office for a berth. In the marina, the locals go alongside and often there is no space, but if you ask them they will make some room. In Limáni Emporeiós, holding is good, but beware of the rocks under the sea. In essence, only close to the light the waters are clear.

Port facilities: There is water and electricity in the marina. Fuelling is possible via a ...joining of forces. There is one EKO in the island (08.00-13.00 and 18.00-20.00) but it does not have a tanker or a telephone. Mr Giórgos Heimonétos (6974 778763) has a tanker and offers to go to the petrol station and deliver your fuel. Supplies 22450 41006. Do not use the 12m slipway, it is very steep. Basic marine equipment Iríni Papageorgíou (22450 41001). Captain Giórgos Manoúsos has a D/C and is a true seaman - contact him if you wish to go an excursion or anything else (22450 41047). In Emporeiós there are no facilities except one taverna.


(The depths of the port and more items listed in the printed version of the Navigator)

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