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Weather: Summer: Meltemi (WNW). Autumn: Various weak. Winter: Strong N + SE + S. Spring: Medium to strong W + NW + N + E.
History: Appendix note 15. The castle was built during the Venetian rule in the 15th century on top of the ruins of an ancient castle.
Good life: The castle is beautiful and generally the history of the city is very well preserved. Kos has the best bicycle road in Greece.

Shelter: All round in the harbour. In the southern area of the basin you can only stay with a very strong mooring against the strong ENE winds. The commercial pier is affected by the N-E winds. If you moor on the pier between the harbour and the marina, choose the side depending on the wind.

Mooring: You have many options in Kos. The western part of the harbour has been made into a marina (VHF74). You can moor across, close to the pontoon, ask the Harbour Office for a berth. Outside the harbour you may stay at road between the harbour and the marina, or you can moor on the pier in front of the ancient city, with good weather. The anchor holds well inside the harbour.

Port facilities: Kos is a paradise for a yacht, you can find anything but also everything has a price, even going to the toilet! The biggest marine equipment shops are in the marina, as well as the boatyard. Yacht supplies 22420 27529. In the city around the harbour you will find all you need within walking distance. There are no facilities on the pier between harbour and marina.


(The depths of the port and more items listed in the printed version of the Navigator)

The above map is not for marine use. They have removed all information relating to such sea depths, contour, cables, etc.»

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