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History: Appendix note 56. The inhabitants of Vótsi, named the area in honour of Lieutenant Nikólaos Vótsi, the hero of the Balkan Wars. His escapade during this time shocked the whole of the nautical world. Commanding a torpedo-boat, he sailed into the harbour of the then Turkish held Thessaloníki, just before midnight on 18th October 1912, and shelled and sank the moored Turkish warship “Fetich Boulen”. Unharmed he sailed out of the harbour, avoiding the minefields, without being detected by the Turkish observation posts and the coastal artilleries at the entrance of the bay of Thessaloníki.

Shelter: From SW - N winds in winter. All round shelter in summer but it is a bit rolly from the meltemia, which bring in a swell. There was a rare NE wind during the summer of 2004 of 9Bf (its speed was recorded at 45knots) which created such a strong swell that all those who did not make sure that their stern was secured away from the mole, has them smashed.

Mooring: Good holding. Contact the Harbour Office for a berth. If you stay at anchor in the bay, beware of the permanent moorings and their chains in the bottom. The S cove of the bay is clear but is affected by the prevailing NE winds.

Port facilities: There are marine equipment, fishing and diving shops with basic supplies. There is a diver.


(The depths of the port and more items listed in the printed version of the Navigator)

The above map is not for marine use. They have removed all information relating to such sea depths, contour, cables, etc.»

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