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Shelter: From W - E winds. Harbour: The swell, brought on by the strong northern winds, needs attention (make sure your lines are fast and you should also move a little away from the quay), when you are moored along the quays and in particular along the eastern and central piers. You should also take care of the wash from the liners, especially along the western quay.
Marina: Neither the swell from the very strong northerly winds nor the wash from the liners affects the interior. You only need to pay attention to these when you are moored on the outside of the pier. In this position, i.e. on the external side of the pier, you should also take care of the very strong NE winds who bring down very strong gusts from the Nýchia hill in the area of A. Bompárdas. The S winds require vigilance, especially the SE sends a lot of wave inside. In addition, there are gusts with strong N, S and W winds.

Mooring: Good holding. Ask the harbour office for a berth.

Port facilities: There are marine and fishing equipment shops. There is a careening place with hoisting facilities for vessels up to 16m and repairs on the vessel, engine and electrical parts


(The depths of the port and more items listed in the printed version of the Navigator)

The above map is not for marine use. They have removed all information relating to such sea depths, contour, cables, etc.»

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