M.A.C. (Medical Advice Center)

Medical Advice Center (MAC) of Hellenic Red Cross was established by law in November 1987 and is included in the network of total five (5) Medical Advice Centers established in France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal ). The Greek Center moved to Henry Dunant Hospital in 2009.

MAC operates on a 24/7 basis, with the direct support of Henry Dunant Hospital’s doctors, offering medical advice to any emergency that may occur to passengers and crews onboard commercial or other vessels in all seas around the world , without distinction on the flag ship or nationality.

In 27 years of operation, MAC’s work has been recognized by sailors and based on the high levels of services offered naval family has developed absolute confidence.

Capabilities of MAC include:

  • Direct telephone communication from anywhere in the world via satellite, coastal telecommunications network “Olympia Radio” or Hellenic Coast Guard Operation Center.
  • Image Transfer via Internet (e-mail) for more complete information of Physicians, direct and easier response to incidents.
  • Response to incidents (injuries, minor illnesses, minor burns etc.) taking into account the limitation of the pharmaceutical and hospital instruments of ships.
  • For incidents that cannot be addressed on board, relevant advice is given to the master in order to make diversion of the ship to the nearest port. Where this is not feasible, transport of the patient with air or other floating device is coordinated through Hellenic Coast Guard operation center.

When the ship sails in Greek territorial waters prompt disembarkation - transfer is done in cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard Operation Center. Otherwise the agreement is made with local authorities and the respective centers for medical advice in Europe.

Tel.: +30 210 5230880, +30 2105237515 Fax: +30 210 5228888 E-mail: macgr@otenet.gr