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Koufonisia consists of two islets, the upper and lower Koufonisi, and belong to the complex of small East Cyclades. Separated by a narrow strait 200 m. Geographically, one encounters Koufonisia 3 nautical miles southeast of Naxos and West of Amorgos.

Kato Koufonisi is almost uninhabited, as it has only a few fishermen's cottages and a picturesque church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  The upper Koufonisi is the smallest and most densely populated island of the Cyclades with population around 350 inhabitants, whose main occupation is fishing which turns the island into a genuine fishing village, where visitors can enjoy fresh fish and seafood.The settlement of Chora on the southwest coast of the island is a typical example of cycladic architecture, while the 5 notable beaches on the island, with most beautiful to be Pori and Phoenix.

Koufonisi has begun to develop tourism in recent years, so the natural beauty and tradition still have been preserved unchanged which makes the island an ideal destination for summer holidays.

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