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    The island of SYROS lye in the center of the Cyclades. It is located 81 nautical miles away from Piraeus and 62 from Rafina, while borders on several islands of the cycladic cluster. From the old times there was naval, industrial and cultural center of the new Greek State. The capital, Ermoupolis, was once the largest urban centre of Greece while quickly became it's largest industrial and commercial center. 
    Today the island, amphitheatrically built, has a very special architecture as it is probably the only city in Greece that has strongly classical elements. The northern part of the island is quiet and ideal for exploration as it is filled with caves, bridges, and trails that lead to isolated beaches. In contrast, the southern part of the island is very developed and has all the tourist infrastructure, organized beaches and hotel facilities.
    An island where social life remains lively even during the winter period and will offer you unique moments of any period of time.

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