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    PAROS is the third island biggest of the Cyclades and is located west of Naxos, from which it is separated by a narrow approximately 3 mile wide straight, while from Piraeus is 90 nautical miles. The central geographical location of PAROS in the Central Aegean, the crossroads of maritime routes connecting mainland Greece with the islands of the archipelago, coasts and beyond the Mediterranean coast, was the basis for the development of the island.
    The coasts of the island, from which other forming beautiful beaches and coves and other is steep and rocky, are more divided on the north side. There formed the great Bay of Naoussa, one of the most picturesque harbours in the Aegean. The soil of the island is rocky and consists of granite, limestone and that is why the parian marble was known from ancient times as the best of Greece.
    It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Greeks and beyond. Indeed rightly as if you are there you can enjoy several attractions, many different beaches and tourist infrastructures that satisfy all tastes.

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