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    Milos is an active volcanic island of the Aegean Sea. Located on the southwestern edge of the Cyclades and is the 5th largest island in the Cyclades. It has a horseshoe shape, thus forming a large Bay.   Inhabited since prehistoric times and has given significant mineral wealth. The famous statue of Venus de Milo, which is now in the Louvre (Paris) found in Milos in 1820 while the copy is located in the Archaeological Museum of Milos Plaka.
    The Western half of the island is the most wild and charming piece of the island. Here there are no villages, despite only a few settlements and some old mines.  Almost all this piece belongs to the Natura 2000 network as this side of Milos is habitat of Mediterranean Monk Seal, Red Apple and the lizard. In Natura belongs also Achibadolimni which was once full of clams and is the largest natural wetland in the Cyclades. Also, there is the Cypress, a rare forest habitat with ancient trees.  
    In Western Milos there is multitude of plants, herbs and wildflowers and protected birds such as Eleonora's Falcon, a rare migratory species hawk. Milos has over 75 beaches of exceptional beauty and totally different from each other which makes it stand out not only in Greece but across Greece.   
    It is the ideal destination for your holidays as it offers all tourist facilities and will surely spend unforgettable moments.

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