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Schoinoussa is an island and a former community in the Cyclades, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Naxos and Lesser Cyclades, of which it is a municipal unit.It lies south of the island of Naxos, in the Small Cyclades group, between the island communities of Irakleia and Koufonisia.

The population was 256 inhabitants at the 2011 census.Its land area is 8.512 square kilometres. Schoinousa's inhabitants make a living from farming, livestock keeping, fishing, and tourism. The island recommends itself for a relaxing, laid-back holiday. The island's serenity, the vast blue expanse of sea surrounding it, and locals' warm hospitality soothe body and soul so visitors can enjoy the land and its people. Schoinoussa has sufficient tourism infrastructure to meet visitors' needs and provide modern comforts. The last years the island visiting more and more travelers looking for quiet places with pristine beauty to spend their holidays.

The tourist infrastructure of Schinoussa satisfy the needs of visitors and offer all modern comforts.The natural beauties of Schinoussa make it stand out from the rest of Cyclades islands. It has a total of 15 beaches.When browsing the beaches of the island, starting from the port, we meet the beach Mersini the Tsigouri, Livadi, Lioliou, Psili Ammos, Almyros.The road network is rudimentary and most beaches reaches only dirt, but this is probably another element picturesque.

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