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     Skyros island is the southernmost island of the Northern Sporades, East of Evia, is the largest island of the Sporades (210 sq. km.) with a population of 749 inhabitants. The island, for the most part, is mountainous in the South-East, where there are mountains Kochylas (792 m), pelasgia and Fanoftis Around. The island's climate is characterized by cool summers and mild winters with an average annual temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. In the West formed the bays kalogria, pine, St. Nicholas and Tristomoy. On the West Coast is the island's port, the Linaria. The island's capital is skyros (or country), located on the East Coast. Coupled with Linaria with paved road length 11 kilometres, has been a Justice of the peace, police station, post and telegraph office, high school, high school and elementary schools. Other settlements of skyros is the Magaza, Linaria and bathroom (rural settlement). According to Greek mythology, Theseus died on Skyros.
    According to a meta-Homeric myth, Thetis hid in skyros the son of Achilles, to prevent him from going to fight in Troy. Dressed as a girl by the name of Pyrrha (red or blond in Greek), is hidden among the daughters of King Likomidis. This costume is not preventing him from gaining a son, Astyanax, with the Princess. Odysseus comes to the island disguised as a mikropwliti and of course all the girls showing their interest in fabrics, perfumes and jewelry. The only "girl", who cares for the weapons are, of course, Pyrrha and Ulysses reveals Achilles and took him with him to Troy.
But according to another tradition, Achilles ravaged the island of skyros to timwrisei the Likomidis for the murder of Theseus.
   The famous English poet Rupert Brooke is buried in skyros, who died in a French hospital ship moored off the island in 1915, during the first world war.

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