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History: Appendix note 36. The locals use to call the city “tigáni” (i.e. frying pan), as this is what it reminded if seen from above

Shelter: All round shelter in the inner harbour apart from the area around the slip and the mole where the “Patrol” boats are, where the swell from the sirocco (SE) will force you to seek a safer anchorage. In the external harbour shelter from the W - NE winds. With a strong S wind you may take a long line from your bow onto the external mole of the harbour and allow you. In the marina shelter offered from all winds and excellent protection from the SE.

Mooring: Good holding. There is poor holding for the anchor in the external harbour.

Port facilities: In the marina there are water and electric points along all of the pontoons and a refueling pier (SILK OIL 22730 62050). Boatyard for repairs and wintering, sailmaker (6932 876414). At the time of the visit, the marine store and the supermarket were not operational. In the harbour the refueling point is found close to where the ferry boats moor. There is a marine equipment shop (Giorgos Márkou 22730 61480), a first aid station and a diver. The road where the marine store is located is a main road and offers everything, banks, provisions, pharmacies, rent-a-car etc.


(The depths of the port and more items listed in the printed version of the Navigator)

The above map is not for marine use. They have removed all information relating to such sea depths, contour, cables, etc.»

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