Skala Patmou Services

Port Authority

Police Station

Health Center

Municipality -Information Center


Ice Supply

Marine supplies - Chandlery

Water Sports & Fishing

TAXI Boat - Tourist Boat

Electronic & Electrician Service

Marina Office

A couple of hours by boat from Kos (and only 1hr 20mins from Leros) this is a journey to a quite different plane of island existence. Patmos has been the secret to those in the know for long enough to have brought it an elevated level of architecture and comfort. But so too has the island retained all its famed mysticism and tranquillity. No description of Patmos would be complete without a glimpse into the cave in which St John the Divine is said to have written the Bible’s Book of Revelation… but let’s not beat about the bush: No less divine an experience is to sample the island’s famed gastronomy. After all, heavenly comes in many forms.

Photo Gallery by Spyros Priovolos

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