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Route Planning & Personal Port Agent Map

Plan your boat trip & find your personal assistant in every Greek port!

  • Plan your route measuring bearings and distances using a sailing map directly through Portbook!
  • Discover assistants in every Greek port! A great cooperation between Portbook.gr and Kronos Yacht Agent
  • Call your local Kronos agent and get FREE info or request any service for your vessel!

Kronos Yacht Agent offices are there to assist you. Choose a Port agent icon on the map and get more info.

To start using the tool:

  • Click on the ruler button to start
  • Click on the starting point and continue clicking at each waypoint until you reach your destination.
  • To stop the drawing click the ruler button again or press the ESC key
  • To clear all drawings click the ruler button once more or press the ESC key


  • To use a sailing map just enable it at the upper right corner
  • To find the coordinates of a point just move it in the center of the map. The cordinates are displayed in the bottom left corner

Medical advice underway for all portbook users

A great collaboration for the provision of health to Greek and Foreign SAILORS navigating our seas: "THE HENRY DUNANT" general Hospital actively supports the operation of the MEDICAL ADVICE CENTER (M.A.C) while access is provided through the innovative website "portbook.gr" to EVERY SEA TRAVELER!

Call or send e-mail to MAC 24/7 for CRITICAL MEDICAL ADVICE, WHEN AT SEA:

+30 210 5230880,
+30 210 5237515
+30 210 5228888

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